Your biota is the load of bacterial, viral and fungal organisms always growing in your system. Remember that when a baby is born, s/he suddenly becomes a culture for all kinds of organisms to start growing on, and inside him/her. A normal adult probably has some two pounds of bacteria and other living things growing in a normal digestive tract.

OK, there is a collective “yuck” I can hear from here as I discuss this. But, did you know that the mere presence of this biota protects you from numerous diseases? Some of the latest science has shown that it keeps you from Crohn’s Disease, Irritable Bowel syndrome and ulcers, and may play a role in your overall metabolism, and may help keep you slender, or interfere in losing weight.

Experiment with mice and rats, have shown that obese rats given a fecal transplant (yes, that means taking a sample of feces from one healthy, slender rat and transplanting it into the bowel of an obese one) actually caused the obese rat to lose weight! It turns out that this works in humans too. No one is giving people fecal matter orally. It’s done under surgical conditions, and the new sample is placed into the recipient’s digestive tract bypassing the mouth. Now, one scientist has devised a means of “cleaning” the sample to isolate the bacteria alone, and the cleaned bacterial material can be made into a capsule which can be taken orally.

This is a real development in elevating the use of “probiotics” in the medical field. Chiropractic physicians have long held that taking probiotics is helpful to your overall health, and scientists are now proving the extent to which this is true.

The effect of antibiotics is especially severe on this natural biotic load, as they kill off the good bacteria as well as the bad. courses of repeated antibiotics are especially harmful, and remedial work needs to be done at the nutritional medicine level to assist your body in correcting this damage. Actual test now are becoming available to check the biota’s DNA and thus determine you bacterial load. Soon, we will be able to tailor a cocktail of probiotics specially designed to help your system back to normal.

All probiotics are NOT the same. Ask Dr. Press for recommendations.