Calcium and Osteoporosis

In recent articles in the literature, it appears that we know far less than most physicians let on about this growing problem. For one thing, it would appear that in nations in which the diet is Calcium POOR, the incidence of osteoporosis is actually, and counter-intuitively LESS than here, Canada and Australia, where dietary Calcium is vastly higher than in most parts of the World.

It also seems that taking in more than about 1200 mgs/day of Calcium is perhaps even counterproductive. There are also discussion of certain forms of Calcium entering the vascular system, and hence the linings of your arteries, instead of re-strengthening your bones!

Finally, to make the situation even worse, all the drugs on the market, to “treat“ osteoporosis, are not bone growing medications, but bone HARDENING meds, and therefore make your bones more brittle, not really stronger.

So, what is someone to do once diagnosed with osteopenia (a sort of “pre“- osteoporosis)??

Remember, only a few years ago just SOME medical schools began offering nutrition as an ELECTIVE. So, Most medical doctors are really not educated in nutritional medicine.

Proper therapy begins with finding a Doctor you trust, who is actually trained in clinical nutrition. You should ask your doctor, and at Academy Chiropractic Center, we specialize in nutritional therapy, to do the blood tests to determine your blood PH, Calcium and Phosphorus levels, Vit D, and some other tests that will help to figure out what form of Calcium is best for you.

The WORST Calcium! ...

We have found many patients taking the advice of their internists, or obstetrician/gynecologists who were telling them to take ground up oyster shells, or even TUMS. Both Calcium Carbonate (essentially powdered limestone). This is one of the worst forms of Calcium you can take! Aside from neutralizing your stomach acid (preventing proper digestion of proteins and interfering in absorption of Vit B12), it is not particularly bioavailable.

Citracal, which is Calcium Citrate, is a newer “fad” among the medical set, but even though this is vastly better than carbonates, it’s still not the best calcium you can take.

We have a newer form of Calcium taken together with a rather esoteric form of Vitamin K which, it turns out is like the traffic cop for your system; telling the calcium which way to go... to your bones or to your blood vessels or excreted. In this formulation, the calcium uniquely is directed to your bones, and studies have shown that unlike the bone hardening drugs, like fossamax et al, this actually rebuilds osteoporotic bone.

At our Englewood offices, we now carry a complete line of nutritional supplements, many of which are not available at health food stores, and some products are available exclusively at this office. In new Jersey ONLY Chiropractic physicians may now dispense these products to you. And, we have a price guarantee. Ask us at 201-569-1444. Or contact us at: