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Why is Co Q10 essential to health ?

ALL Statin drugs (like Lipitor, Rosuvastatin, Crestor, etc.) drain your body of Coenzyme Q10. the manufacturers, according to the Whitaker Report have know about this since the first statin was released, but apparently chose NOT to tell medical doctors about this. Presumably because the medical profession is generally loathe to recommend substances that do not require a prescription.


CoQ10 though not yet labeled officially a vitamin essentially meets all the necessary requirements for being considered a vitamin, i.e. it is critical for life.

All vitamins are necessary for life.

That means that if you fail to get enough of them, you eventually die from the deficiency.

CoQ10 is necessary for your cells (ALL CELLS, including your heart muscle) to produce ENERGY. The mitochondria require CoQ10 to make ATP. ATP is the real energy force in all living things. Patients have been developing congestive heart disease, due to a deficiency of CoQ10, caused in our opinion by the administration of a cholesterol lowering drug to prevent a disease it cannot and has never been shown to prevent. However we do know that people die from congestive heart disease! In short, if you are taking ANY Statin drug, you MUST be supplementing with CoQ10 at least double the recommended daily amount that the makers of CoQ10 print on their labels.

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