Cardiovascular regime

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[“bid” means twice a day – i.e. one in the morning, and one at night.]
[“qd” means once a day]

Our regimen:
For any adult over the age of 30:

*1.- Resveratrol – 100mg bid.
*2.- “No Flush Niacin” (Niacin Hexanicotinate): 100mg bid.
*3.- Vitamin D - 5000 I.U. qd
*4.- Pure Omega 3 fatty acids- NOT FISH OIL 200mg, bid
*5.- In place of aspirin, we now prescribe Nattokinase 1 tab at night
*6.- To provide the anti-inflammatory effect of Aspirin, we also recommend MSM (methylsonfonylmethane), around 1tsp, bid.


1.- Resveratrol is the active ingredient in the wine which caused the “French Paradox”, the highest saturated fat diet in western Europe and the lowest rates of coronary artery disease. This keeps your arteries flexible and, at a minimum helps prevent hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). Recent research shows it actually modulates one of the genes that causes aging! And, it’s use has been tied to reduced levels of prostate, colon and breast cancer.

2.- Niacin is proven to raise the good cholesterol, the HDL’s. THESE have cardioprotective benefits.

3.- Vitamin D is being shown more and more to be helpful in preventing numerous conditions, like cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers, breast disease, and even autism.

4.- Fish Oil is usually actually bad for you, as the labels are not accurate in telling you what you need to know. WE carry a brand of oil which is patented to contain only Omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation (CrP) that is involved in the formation of arterial plaque.

All the above are FOOD supplements, NOT drugs:

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