Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

What is MUA?

MUA is Manipulation Under Anesthesia. This is a manipulative procedure performed by highly trained and experienced Doctors of Chiropractic in an operating room, with the patient anesthetized by an Anesthesiologist.

nervous system diagramWhy MUA?

Some patients are either in too much pain, and/or muscle spasm to be reasonably adjusted by their DC in the office; OR a given patient could be simply too tense, perhaps from hysteria aboutimagined dangersof manipulation, to relax enough to be effectively adjusted in office. Under MUA, all the protective reflexes which can make adjustment of a spinal region more difficult are fully relaxed, and thus the DC can accomplish in the three procedures that this protocol calls for, what might take 10-30 office visits without the anesthesia.

Dr. Press' Accreditation:

Dr. Press is accredited at theBergen Ambulatory Surgical Centerin Saddle Brook, to perform Manipulation Under Anesthesia. He has been periodically performing this technique since he was trained to do so in a Moscow hospital, and thus has been grandfathered under the current requirements for certification, since he could be teaching the procedure to others.