Is Spinal Stenosis a Myth?

understanding-sciatica-bIt turns out that there are TWO major mechanisms for what can be labeled stenosis of the spinal canal. The first type as shown at left is where there is actual narrowing of the spinal canal, caused by trauma or the extension into the canal of spurs, or spondylosis.

The second, and ONLY a DC can tell you if this is the type you have, is where one vertebra is shifted over the other, either forward (antero) or backwards (postero) listhesis. In this event, the MRI will be read by the radiologist as having a narrowed spinal canal, but THIS narrowing can usually be corrected by Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments.

Remember, if yours is NOT a Chiropractic case, we will refer you to someone who can help you. But, if yours IS a Chiropractic problem, then nothing else will ever likely help you.