Herniated Disc

During the Summer Tour of Champions on Ice in 1998, Alexander Zhulin, two time Olympic medalist in Ice Dancing injured his back at Madison Square Garden while lifting his then partner, Miss Maya Usova.

(Mr. Zhulin has given written permission to publish this story).

Dr. Press was called into the Garden. After taking a look at Sasha (the nickname for Russian men named Alexander), he decided that there was good evidence that a disc or discs had been herniated, and told Sasha that he was not going to skate that evening.

The Producer, Tom Collins, had to be informed, and there were serious financial repercussions for the skater if he could not complete the 35 more shows for the tour.

Maya was told to go on to Orlando, the next stop, and wait for Sasha there.

Sasha came back to Dr. Press' home where first aid Chiropractic was given that night. Next AM an MRI showed that not one, but two herniated discs were present.

Sasha stayed at the Press' home for the next three days, during which time, he received some 20 additional treatments. Result ?

By that weekend he was able to catch up to Maya, and between Dr. Press' therapy, and ongoing treatment from the team of Chiropractors arranged by Dr. Press, in the tour's various cities, he was able to complete the balance of 35 more shows.

As the next stage in disc injury worse then disc bulge, a herniated disc means that the gelatinous central portion of the disc is pushing through some of the concentric rings that comprise the disc, called annulus fibrosis. The degree of herniation and direction of its protrusion will determine the potential success of Chiropractic methods in reducing the herniation. One of the latest fads in treatment of disc herniation is something called decompression therapy. This expensive machine and all its copies, are mereely an attempt to reproduce the manual skills of a Chiropractic physician. Although here at Allied Chiropractic Center, we have the ability to use decompression methods, NOTHING can replace the skills of a highly experienced Chiropractor, nor can any machine give the feedback that is received in the fingers of a DC with world class manipulative skills. Do not be fooled into spending a lot of money that will NOT be covered by your insurance carrier and then be out of insurance benefits when you realize we were right.