Crazy New Guidelines for Statin Drugs

heart disease big killer aWell, it now seems as though not only has the FDA become subsidiary of the pharmaceutical companies, but the AMA and American College of Cardiology as well. It has long been known that taking statin drugs, like Lipitor, Crestor and the like drain your body of CoEnzyme Q-10. Co-Q10 is REQUIRED by all cells to make ATP, the essential substance that is actually used by your body as energy, and what glucose (among other things) becomes. All cells use ATP... the brain needs it, and so does your heart. When the heart cells are deprived of Co-Q10, congestive heart failure almost inevitably results. Recent studies have shown that lowering cholesterol is not only NOT decreasing cardio-vascular disease and stroke, but it clearly INCREASING congestive heart failure (CHF) / disease (CHD)! Moreover statins may be responsible for increasing senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Most people are aware of the muscle aches, pains and cramps associated with taking Statins, but few realize that this is directly due to the lack of Co-Q10 CAUSED by the statins themselves.

So for whom are statins possibly beneficial? For adults with type 2 diabetes, and not being supervised on a proper neutriceutical regimen, and for those with familial or personal histories of severely elevated Cholesterol or Triglycerides.... BUT you need to be supplementing with significant amounts of Co-Q10, and your DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) trained in Nutritional medicine, should be monitoring you. Whether you have concerns about your heart or just back, neck or arm pain. If you were in a car accident or had a worker's comp injury.... Call for an appointment with Dr. Press ASAP. 201-569-1444 and get a cardio-vascular consultation today.