On Absorbtion of Multi-Vitamins


So, you have all heard the latest nonsense from the medics only too happy to pontificate on something they actually know little about... your nutrition. The latest junk science from the news media is that taking your vitamins may not only not be good for you, but could maybe harm you! Wow! We have been telling you all along that taking the garbage being sold nationally can do just that....So, are all vitamins bad for you? Of course not. Not when they are formulated correctly. Why are the major ones getting this kind of press? Because we believe that they are formulated exactly to keep you from getting healthier. They DO enrich the sewer system however. This is why you need to get your vitamins from your Doctor of Chiropractic.

If you think its not a fair statement to say that medical doctors are not qualified to talk about nutrition, check out this link... (it's the curriculum at Harvard Medical School, AND At UMDNJ (Rutger's Medical School)) showing you how many courses even they get on human nutrition. But the media keeps asking THEM about this important subject. Conversly, your Doctor of Chiropractic is highly and specifically trained in Nutrition, and in New Jersey has to maintain continuing education in this field to be allowed to prescribe and dispense nutritional products, which ordinary doctors are NOT permitted to do!!

Then there are the DRUG companies, making most of the most commonly taken vitamin formulas in thie Country.... Wyeth Drug Company.. maker of everything from Advil to Zosyn, makes very little profit on their vitamin line, like their flagship CENTRUM. On Centrum's website, you can't even see the ingredient list. You have to go to someone else's page to get that, or actually read the label... Q?: What is ingredient no 1? Like everyone elses... Calcium Carbonate....

Wyeth claims their crap has 50% of your daily requirement of calcium... and that might be true, IF you could actually absord it. What is Calcium Carbonate? It's the primary ingredient in Tums. Why TUMS? This is an ANTACID, i.e. something used to NEUTRALIZE your stomach acid. Why is this bad? Because the acid in your stomach is needed for proper absorption of many of the other ingredients in these so-called vitamins, like uh..CALCIUM, IRON, B-12, etc... [see here].

Is Wyeth the only culprit? NO! nearly all the major manufacturers of your trusted multi-vitamins LOAD the products with Calcium Carbonate. Think they don't know the effects? Think again. All of them are DRUG COMPANIES. All of them make their biggest profits on their DRUGS! They are negatively motivated to keep you healthy on a product from which they reap little profits... vitamins!

The BAYER Company is even worse.. though they actually allow health professionals (you have to swear you're a health professional) to view the product ingredient list...check out the page for doctors.. on Flintstones Complete. This one not only has TUMS as the first ingredient as all the majors do, it includes rather toxic Cupric Oxide for the copper content! And is loaded with FD&C dyes, all of which are questionable as to whether they play a role in cancer causation. Bon appetite! And this is intended for your children!!!

Bristol-Myers Squibb, maker of Theragran brand, are also the manufactures of everything from Abilify to Zerit. They don't even list one-a-day on their central company website. However closer investigation located the ingredient list [here]. And, guess what? Calcium Carbonate again as the number one ingredient; cupric oxide again, and also loaded with FD&C Dyes.

Where is the Federal government in all of this? Well, there is the FDA. This now totally corrupt agency, was at one time the guardian of our health. But now their scientists can work nearly full time for the very drug companies whose products they review! Recently on national TV several of their more moral scientists were interviewed saying they left because any natural therapy coming before their employer for review, was tested in a protocol DESIGNED TO FAIL! That includes their persecution of Dr. Burzynski, and any vitamin therapy claims offered.

The FTC (Fed. Trade Commission) oversee that anything said on the lable is actually in the product. This only means however, that if the lable says the product contains iron, its ok to put iron filings in the product (And many breakfast cereals notoriously do exactly this!). Of course, you can never absord any iron from iron filings. Similarly you are allowed to say the product contains Calcium if it has TUMS in it... thus the Calcium Carbonate used to keep you from actually getting any Calcium or any other nutritional value from these "vitamins".


What to do? really well designed multi-vitamins are not cheap. Why? because they have to use pricier forms of each nutrient. And, they are almost always available only through your Doctor of Chiropractic, nutritional medicine specialist. Call us for a consultation today.