Are MD's Educated in Nutrition?

Harvard Medical School 300x242

Here's the curriculum for Harvard Medical School: [Click here to see].

There is NOTHING offered in these CRITICAL years:
Preclinical Year I
Preclinical Year II
HST Courses or in the
Core Clerkships.

Thus medical students at one of the premier medical schools on Earth can choose from more than 100 elective classes, for which there is room for only a few in their cram-packed 4 years, and even if they choose to actually avail themselves of this opportunity, they would have the possibility of taking only three subjects in Human Nutrition.

This means that very few of their graduates have actually studied this subject.



At Rutgers Medical School, the former UMDNJ... there are NO Courses in Nutritional medicine, or even in basic human nutrition at all!!!
[see their curriculum here]