Do I have to Come Forever?

Some people have expressed the fear that once you start Chiropractic care you need to come forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have an acute problem, then your treatment will be acute as well and take a short time to resolve. However, if you waited years and years to start treatment, and are suffering a chronic condition, then you may require a chronic solution.

We encourage all patients to get adjusted periodically, to stay well, and prevent degenerative changes from taking control of their spines. Wehther you do or not is up to you.

Until age 30, you have blood supply bringing water, glucose and oxygen to the tissues of the discs and intervertebral (synovial) joints or facets. By age 35, that blood supply dries up, and this is the basic reason people get shorter as they age. I.e. their discs, which are meant to be hydrated, dry up. One can lose up to a couple of inches due to this degenerative joint disease.

We have patients who began Chiropractic care in their early 30's and are now nearing 70. None of whom has lost more than a millimeter or two of height.

You be the judge.